6 Top Ways to Instantly Boost Your Guitar Playing

Guitar Playing Tips

Guitar Playing Tips To Accelerate Your Guitar Playing

Guitar Playing Tips

Ever wondered why no matter how much time you spend practicing the improvements come  slower than a drunk turtle?

We’ve all been there …

Quite often when it New Years’ resolution time, your birthday or some other milestone it makes us re-think our priorities.

We start asking those serious questions.

What am I doing with my life….Does it have meaning?

Have I made a difference in this world?

What legacy do I want to leave behind…


If you are a guitar player you might ask yourself …

How is my guitar playing progressing?

Now, if you answer that question with any of the following (or similar) …

* don’t know
* stagnant
* boring

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this …

You’ve sweated blood to try and master the guitar but the results are less than spectacular.

We’ve all done it …

Look: the majority of players are stuck in a rut with their wheels spinning and don’t know how to move forward, if you suffer from … lifeless, uninspired, mind-numbing practice sessions but you still haven’t given up on your guitar playing dreams.

… you might like to check out my 6 Top Ways to Boost Your Guitar Playing and avoid the holiday/birthday blues.

6 Top Ways To Boost Your Guitar Playing

1 – If you are a performing guitarist one of the BIG traps is to know which gigs to take and which ones to pass over.

Shouldn’t I take ALL the gigs that are passed under my nose? (I hear you say.)

Heck NO!

The absolute best way to loose your motivation is to play a series of brain numbing, energy draining gigs.

Tip #1make yourself a checklist containing three criteria BEFORE you accept the gig.


(a) Good fun

(b) Good money

(c) connections for the future.

The gig MUST score two out of three; if it doesn’t qualify move on.

2 – Pay attention to your practice environment.

If you have to spend half an hour looking for your guitar/lead/picks or whatever you will have lost the urge to practice altogether.

At best, even if you do press on and push yourself to practice you can guarantee a very uninspiring result.

Tip #2 – have everything set up/tuned up/switched on etc., PRIOR to your practice session.

3 – Get inspired.

Rekindle that passion for playing guitar by going back to the very reason you took it up in the first place.

Tip #3: Put on a track or two of your favorite guitar music (or any music YOU really like) this will set the mood for your practice session.

If you have a set of good quality headphones that would be a great way to listen to the music.

4 – Begin with the end in mind.

Tip #4: a neat way to ramp up your playing is to visualize yourself playing to a live audience.

The trick is to see yourself ONSTAGE looking out to the audience not looking at yourself from the audience view.

Really get into the moment …

How does it feel to hear the applause, to see the smiling faces in the audience, to feel the band really pumping etc., get right into the vibe.

5 – Be aware of Parkinson’s law.

Ever heard of Parkinson’s Law?

I hadn’t until I visited a musty old bookshop way up in the mountains when I was on a holiday break several years ago.

Anyway, I was ferreting away through the bookshelves when I stumbled upon a musty little book.

(BTW: best place to find a musty book is in a musty bookshop)

I digress …

… in this cool little book it explained Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands to fill the time allotted for it’s completion”

Very important!!!

If you set aside 5 hours to do something … it WILL take 5 hours to do it!

Tip #5: Set time frames in your practice session.

(a) learning new material – short time frames. (approx. 2-5 mins)

(b) practicing material you already know – longer time frames. (30 mins)

6 – Re-focus your goals.

Remember to give yourself a 3 monthly guitar checkup, review your results to see if you are making the type of progress you want.

Change ANYTHING that is not serving you well (this includes guitar teachers).

Tip #6 – keep in mind that learning guitar is an accumulative process therefore regular review is a must.

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