The Death of a Guitarist (part 1)

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Life is all about decisions (minute by minute)

I must tell you about this …

It’s really quite sad.

But, before I get right into it I want to dedicate this work to ol’ Uncle Leap Frog…

… without whose valuable assistance I could have finished this story six months ago.

Still, that’s another story altogether.

Thanks, old chap!

Now, I’m here to tell you about something that happened needlessly; in reality, with the right treatment it could have been avoided entirely.

Incidentally, this is not an isolated incident it’s a REAL problem that affects hundreds if not thousands of people.

In fact, it would be fair enough to say that it’s now reached epidemic proportions worldwide.

By the way, before I go any further I did start out to tell you about the death of ONE player …

…however, I’m afraid it’s much worse and we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and hope that it will go away.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in …

Not so long ago, a young whippersnapper called ‘Rusty Fingers’ came under the spell of the guitar.

Actually, he had been hit by the ‘guitar bug’ when he was only seven years of age
when this creative little fellow started building his own guitars.

(Editors note: the term ‘building’ is used loosely here)

Fade back three years earlier …

… and we discover that long before this fledgling Luthier began hacking away on unsuspecting pieces of wood he had fallen …

under the spell of MUSIC.

And so it began …

… as a young youngster Rusty spent countless hours laying on the floor in front of the big radio cabinet in his parents house.

As if possessed, music would effect him in such a way that he would relentlessly rock his head from side to side on a pillow in time with the music.

(this probably explains a lot of things — let’s just say Rusty is a little “different”.)

Fast forward to the day before Rusty’s thirteenth birthday to an event that would transform his life.

When Rusty made a DECISION to …

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode.
Mike ‘no regrets’ Hayes
P.S The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

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