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I am a rank beginner, I am having a problem getting my fingers not to rest on additional strings as I try to make a cord. So you see I am in trouble.


I'm having trouble tapping my foot?


Why won't I get the same results from TAB?


I feel like I'm not getting anywhere!


Do you have a course for left handed players?


Are all the products displayed on your website digital and downloadable?


I'm not too good at this downloading stuff do you have the course on CD?


In a song, I know that you play the 1,4,5 chords, but what if there are also minor chords in the song, how do do know what minor chord to play?


How you know which strings to play when you are finger picking?


How do I pay for your book in British money as you are asking for dollars?


I am a beginner at playing a guitar. How do you prevent the pick from turning when playing?


I just would like to know if there are any tricks to use or help you strum better?


Do you have or know of any tricks for improving the way you strum or change chords?


Do you think Yngwie Malmsteen is the best guitarist ever?


What are the names of the open stings of the guitar?


Can I order your course in book form?


I wanted to ask you, moving between chords? I mute the sound when I move between say a G and a C, as a string is already vibrating, how do you move between them??? or does this come with practice?


I have learned a load of scales a lot of chords and I can play them on demand, I have also learned to solo off the scales but I just cant get any faster or creative with my soloing. now I know the creative side can only come from me but can u give me any tips to go a little faster with my solo's. thanx.


I have had this doubt for a long time and would be really grateful to you if you can help me. I usually play Finger-style guitar and I want to improvise. I guess in Finger-style, one has to improvise using Chords instead of scales. Sorry if I'm wrong, Sir. But I really don't know how to improvise using chords. Kindly give me an idea on this sir.


I am 75 so I have all kinds of trouble trying to "stretch" my fingers so that they can work with chords. I am not getting younger, so is mine a hopeless case????


What is the easiest say to learn bar chords? Thanks.


How can you tell what key music is written?


What are the best practice drills to learn from scratch?


I have been practicing the A minor pentatonic scale in 5 positions.I try solos over backing tracks.Some sound good some not so good.I try and target root notes and so forth.I solo over rock and Blues.Any hints or tips you can give me? Thank You!!


The art of Soloing I have been plodding on the guitar for close to 15 years and I try and try but!!!!!!!!!!! Also what to practice.


What's The different about Minor & Major Chord?


My son is 10 and using a 3/4 size guitar, at what age should my son start using full size?


Can a 50 year old who knows nothing about music learn to play a guitar?


Recently, I read in a book about how we can add and subtract notes from a chord to create a melody. For example the C chord. Releasing and hammering on the 2nd fret 3rd string changes the chord sound and creates a kind of melody. This seem especially true when we do it with the higher strings. My question is, when we release the string it is no longer a C chord, so why is that ok to do that? And can we, for example, take our pinky and hit notes outside the chord to create a melody? If so, when is it ok and when is it not ok?




I have been taking guitar classes quite a while from now and have systematically learnt all scales chords, bar chords and power chords but for learning new songs I have to depend on my instructor and he says that after a while I will develop an ear for songs and will be able to convert them into chords automatically but it has already been six months since i have been learning guitar and I am unable to play a song on guitar when I hear one what shall I do and same is the case in tuning the guitar my instructor says I will develop an ear for that too... please advise me.


I really want to get an absolute pitch (almost absolute pitch). How can I train my ears? I have learned piano before and my theory is rather good. But I still can't identify notes and I take a lot of time to listen to a song on radio and play it out on guitar. Please help. Thank you!


How do I learn to play different chords that are really hard to play?


I wanted to ask you...if I can truly learn to play like you say. you see i have no musical background at all. i also am over 40 yrs and while I believe you can learn at any age. I think it is a little harder the older you get. Also, I am right handed and I injured my right hand at age twenty. I have all my fingers. but I have limited use and feeling. I can pic the guitar with a pick, but i don't know if i can do it without looking. will this hinder me?


My fingers are so fat on the ends that I can't keep them from touching 
other strings I have tried and tried so I just play note's. Is there
anything I can do?


Does a person have to have an electric guitar?


How to play guitar and how to read sheet music on guitar?


What is the best strumming style to use when playing slow songs (50 beats per minute or less), like for example, some religious songs sang in church? I don't seem to have a problem playing songs which go 60 bpm or over, but on slower songs, I seem to have a problem getting a sense of any rhythm at all. Would using triplets help me to keep in step with the beat for very slow songs? Any other styles?


Well after a year I am about to start with the guitar lessons, my problem is that I am wondering if I may have short fingers on my left hand, I seem to not be able to stop other fingers going onto other strings that they should not be on when trying some chords, cant seem to be able to get them to come strait down on the strings..is it possible they are short or will it be ok in the end?


My main question is I know chords and I can strum but I'm having problems understanding how to put cords and notes together to play a song you can recognize. I need to see both hands at the same time. I've read every thing I can get my hands on but I still do not understand. Thank You for any help you can give me. Maybe I'm just to old to be trying to play the guitar!! I like your program and I am just about ready to buy it but I wanted to wait to see if I could even play the guitar first.


I'm not the biggest bb king fan but he started talking about and playing on the 8 bar blues with a bridge. it sounded great and was wondering if u could tell me what the basic structure is for it?


Have you any advice for me in respect that I have a rather short index finger on my fretting hand. Would like to conquer bar chords.


If dedicated enough, is it a possibility to become a really impressive guitar player within a year? I've known someone who has had their guitar for 20 years and they can barely play fluently. I'm a very good and fast learner - I think, if I put my mind to it can become a good player of the guitar but I would appreciate your honesty in telling me if it is realistic of me to think that I could become a REALLY GOOD, and i mean 'really' good guitar player within a year. I'm not asking for your encouragement or a confidence boost, I'm asking for your experience in teaching people, has anybody progressed beyond boundaries within a short amount of time?


Watching you play it appears you don't use much pressure at all when pressing the string(s) onto the fretboard to get a clean sound. Is this so?






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