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Learn Guitar: Play Creedence Songs On Guitar - Part 2


 The first obstacle to overcome when playing Creedence songs on
 guitar, is to be certain that the printed music is in the same
 key as the recorded version you are listening to.

 Here's a list of 20 popular Creedence songs for you to research.

* Proud Mary - recorded version - key of D
* Who'll stop The Rain - recorded version - key of G
* Hey Tonight - recorded version - key of E
* Travellin' Band - recorded version - key of F#
* Lookin' Out My Back Door - recorded version - key of Bb *
* I Heard It Through The Grapevine - recorded version - key of
   Dm/F *
* Ooby Dooby - recorded version - key of E
* Born On The Bayou - recorded version - key of A
* I Put A Spell On You - recorded version - key of Em/G
* Sweet Hitch-Hiker - recorded version - key of D
* Green River - recorded version - key of E
* Bad Moon Rising - recorded version - key of D
* Lodi - recorded version - key of Bb
* Down On The Corner - recorded version - key of C
* Fortunate Son - recorded version - key of G
* As Long As I Can See The Light - recorded version - key of B
* Run Through The Jungle - recorded version - key of Dm/F *
* Up Around The Bend - recorded version - key of D
* Have You Ever Seen The Rain - recorded version - key of C
* Susie Q - recorded version - key of E

 Remember why you started playing guitar in the first place? It
 wasn't to play scales or arpeggios, you took up guitar to play
 songs, and some of the most popular songs on guitar are
 Creedence songs.

 Unfortunately, despite their 'easy' chords and simple melodies
 Creedence songs almost always fall short of the mark when you try
 to play them on the guitar. They just don't seem to have that
 magic sound.

 As we discussed in a previous article, some of Creedence songs
 use a different tuning on the guitar to create a unique musical
 atmosphere, I've indicated these songs on our list with an
 asterisk after the key.

 You don't have to re-tune your guitar for these songs, however if
 you have two guitars, you will enjoy the true Creedence sound by
 tuning one guitar to the 'tone-down' tuning.

 Tone-down tuning is as follows: sixth string = D, fifth string =
 G, fourth string = C, third string = F, second string = A, first
 string = D.

 How will you know what key the sheet music is in?

 Each commercially available piece of sheet music has a 'key
 signature' at the beginning of the song, most songs have the key
 signature placed at the beginning of each line of music.

 You can identify the key of the song by using the following list
 for reference.

 (symbol for sharp = #, symbol for flat = b)

 Key of C = no sharps or flats, Key of G = one sharp, Key of D =
 two sharps,  Key of A = three sharps, Key of E = four sharps, Key
 of B = five sharps, Key of F# = six sharps, Key of C # = seven

 Key of F = one flat, Key of Bb = two flats, Key of Eb = three
 flats, Key of Ab = four flats, Key of Db = five flats, Key of Gb
 = six flats Key of Cb = seven flats.

 So, there you have it, you don't even have to be able to read
 music to know what key the sheet music is in, simply count the
 number of sharps of flats at the beginning of the piece of music
 to discover what key the song is presented in.

 It's easy to play Creedence songs on guitar and get their famous
 song once you are playing your guitar in the some key as the
 recorded version.


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