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Learn Guitar: Eric Clapton Songs - 3 Tips For Your Next Jam Session

  Eric Clapton has the magic touch when it comes to presenting a
  song. If you want to play Eric Clapton songs on the guitar
  there's a couple of things you need to keep in mind to help you
  produce Eric's unique sound.

  Does Eric's sound come from his Fender guitar? No, Eric Clapton
  could make just about any guitar sound great. Eric plays with a
  degree of emotion and sensitivity rarely found in rock or blues
  guitar players.

  The secret to playing Eric Clapton songs is to understand how he
  chooses his chords and scales carefully to help him present a
  song. Here's ... tips to get the famous Clapton sound.

  Tip 1Use the Aeolian mode in your solos.

  While most guitarist are content to play the minor pentatonic
  scale in many instances Eric's preference is the Aeolian mode.

  The Aeolian mode contains all the notes of the minor pentatonic
  with the addition of two extra notes.

  Here is some examples:

  D minor pentatonic scale = D, F, G, A and C

  D Aeolian mode contains = D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C

  The significance of the two extra notes is that they create a
  very important musical tension. The musical tension is caused by
  the distance of a semitone. A semitone is the distance of one
  fret on a guitar. When you play the D Aeolian mode on your guitar
  notice how there is a between semitone between the notes E and F
  and the notes A and Bb.

  You can hear a good example of Eric playing a solo based on the D
  Aeolian mode if you listen to "Layla" on the Clapton Unplugged
  album. In this solo Eric uses a combination of d Aeolian mode and
  the D blues scale.

  Tip 2.  Play power chords for fast chord changes.

  When playing fast Clapton songs or songs with fast chord changes
  use power chords.

  A most popular type of power chord is simply a two note chord
  that uses the tonic note and it's fifth. It's quite common to see
  these chords indicated as "5" chord e.g., C5, G5, D5 etc

  Eric Clapton songs that use this style of chord are Layla (the
  original electric version), Sunshine Of Your Love, Cocaine.

  Tip 3.  Learn to play the 12 bar blues.

  Being able to identify a song by recognizing it's form is a vital
  part of learning songs quickly.

  Here is an example of a 12 bar blues in the key of E.

  E /// | A /// | E /// | E ///|

  A /// | A /// | E /// |E ////|

  B /// | A /// | E /// | E ///||

  There's two songs on the Clapton Unplugged album that uses this
  exact format. Both "Before You Accuse Me" and "Malted Milk" blues
  are based on this 12 bar blues form.

  In the hands of an experience performer like Eric Clapton these
  simple musical raw materials can be very efective.

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