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Learn Guitar: Play Eagles Songs On Guitar

  Learning the guitar online can be fun however, it does have some
  frustrating moments. For example, let's say you have decided to
  learn the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles. In theory this
  should be pretty straight forward. Simply type in the title
  "Hotel California" into your favorite guitar TAB site and away we

  In a perfect world that's all you would have to do ... but, what
  happens when you type in "Hotel California". Instantly you are
  presented with 50 versions of this song ... where do we

  Here's three simple tips to help you get that great acoustic
  guitar sound  so popular at parties and at jam sessions.

  1. Use a capo instead of playing barre chords. It's common for
  the Eagles songs to be presented using barre chords. This is
  incorrect the Eagles use a capo instead of playing bar chords.

  Let's take a look at Hotel California to help you get a feel for
  the Eagle's style of guitar playing.

  If you have a version of this song look at the first chord if it
  is "Bm" played as a barre on the second fret, move on to the next
  version of this song.

  Even though "Bm" is the correct first chord for Hotel California,
  the Eagles play this chord by fingering an "Em" shape and having
  the capo placed on the seventh fret.

  When the capo is on the seventh fret while the guitarist plays an
  "Em" shape the resulting sound to the listener will be "Bm", all
  the notes will be the same as the barre chord version on this
  chord. Both chord shapes will contain the notes B,D,F#. however
  the "Em" chord shape with the capo on the seventh fret will sound
  much more alive and crisp.

  Try the "Em" chord shape with the capo on the seventh fret,
  immediately you will recognize this sound and identify this chord
  as the opening chord for Hotel California.

  2. Play common note chords (also know as drone note or drone
  string chords).

  These chords are "special chords" because they do not fit into
  any one category - many of them are one-of-a-kind chords having a
  unique sound which is all their own.

  By keeping the same highest notes while playing different chords,
  a unique sound can be created. As you play this style of chord
  shape you will begin notice a new smoothness your chord changes.

  The basic concept is to select certain notes, usually the first
  note in the scale/key e.g., key of G, note one is G, key of E
  note one is E.

  When a guitarist wants to use two "drone notes" the strongest
  choices are the first and fifth notes of the key you are playing

  3. Listen for "color tones". Color tones are notes that are added
  to the basic chord to give the chord a different flavor. Listen
  to "Tequila Sunrise" by the Eagles and you will hear the basic
  "G" chord change slightly to a "G6" chord. The "G6" is simply a
  "G" chord with an added sixth note.

  The straight chord contains the notes G, B, D. Whilst the G6
  chord contains the following notes: G,B, D and E. Notice the only
  difference between these two chords is the added "E" note, which
  is the sixth note in a G major scale.

  You can hear another example of "color" tones by listening to
  "Lyin' Eyes" by the Eagles. The first chord is "G", listen
  closely and you will hear a slight change in the texture of the
  "G" chord. The second chord is a "G" major seventh, which is a
  basic chord of G major with an added seventh note.

  In this instance the seventh note in the key of "G" is F sharp.
  Consequently the G Major seventh chord would be spell: G,B,D,F#.

  When you are learning guitar online pay close attention to how
  the original recordings by the Eagles "sound". If you can hear
  different sounds other than the basic chords, experiment with
  some of these ideas you will be surprised how easy it is to play
  the Eagles songs.

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