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    7 Things You Absolutely Must Do To Prepare  For Your Next Guitar Jam Session

  One thing all the world's top guitarists would agree on is the
  importance of jam sessions.

  Despite recent developments and improvements in practice CD's and
  play along computer software, nothing beats playing along with
  another human being!

  Jam sessions come in two sizes, king size good and king size bad.

  A good jam session is when you walk away with a new
  confidence in your guitar playing and your ability to perform,
  it's a real positive learning experience where you can try out
  new ideas and learn by watching other musicians interact.

  The bad jam session is a real drag, with the overall feeling
  that it was just a "waste of time".

  Here's five tips to make certain your jam sessions are good.

  Tip 1: Set Goals for your session

  Define the purpose of the jam session, is the session:
  (a) a fun get together of friends who play the guitar?
  (b) an audition style session where you intend to check out
  perspective guitar players for your band
  (c) working on original material for a recording session ...etc

  Always begin planning your jam session(s) with a clear goal in
  mind, you will have much more fun, the musicians will enjoy the
  session and want to participate in future sessions and you
  will achieve much more in a greatly reduced time frame.

  Tip 2: Select material

  Make a list of the material you want to rehearse, depending on
  the purpose of the jam session you may need anything from 3 to 12

  The idea here is to think about what you want to rehearse, is it
  originals, covers or maybe you need to work on selecting material
  and song sequencing for your live performances.

  Tip 3: Choose the correct keys

  If you are working with a singer you will need to organize a
  private rehearsal to define the best keys for the vocalist. It's
  much better to do this without the whole band, you will work much
  quicker and more accurately without the added background noise
  and distractions.

  Tip 4: Write the musical arrangements

  Even if the members at the jam session are not working from
  standard music notation, it's important of write out the chord
  charts in the correct key(s) with the appropriate musical road
  map information e.g., repeat signs, coda sign, musical dynamic
  markings ...etc.

  Tip 5: Equipment checklist

  It's a great idea to create a session checklist of equipment you
  need to organize such as ...

  (a) spare guitar strings
  (b) string winder
  (c) spare guitar leads
  (d) wah-wah pedal etc

  these items are pretty obvious, but you will be amazed how much
  time it saves when you have them all itemized ... the whole jam
  session or performance can come to a grinding halt if someone
  forgets to bring a $20 guitar lead!

  Tip 6: Contact the players

  Now that you have selected the material, written the arrangements
  in the correct key(s) it's time to contact the players you want
  to invite to the jam session, this gives you control over the
  quality of the performance.

  Remember, a sporting team is only as good as it's weakest member
  ... it's the same with a band!

  Do everything you can think of before the session so everyone can
  enjoy the learning experience. For example, you may need to send
  some audio tracks to certain band members who may not be familiar
  with the material you intend to rehearse.

  Tip 7: Record the session

  Don't forget to recording the jam session, this does not have to
  be an elaborate recoding, a simple cassette recorder will do the

  It's amazing how much you can learn by listening to the jam
  session recordings, I recommend listening to the recordings two
  or three days after the session, this will give you a good "first
  impression" of how your band sounds.

  Don't forget to make copies of the jam session recordings to give
  to other band members so they can listen and learn.

  Guitarists really thrive off the energy of a well organized jam
  session, when you have the proper preparation everything just
  flows, other musicians want to join in and soon word spreads,
  that's how reputations are developed and successful musical
  careers are created.

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As a student of Mike Hayes since 1999, I have found his teaching methods and products to be first class. Whatever style or area of music I have been interested in, he has provided me with useful information, advice and study materials. His style of teaching and teaching products enabled me to progress through his guitar course far quicker than I ever imagined. He also helps in teaching yourself to find and develop your own style of music. Mike’s teaching gives his student’s the ability to become useful musicians, not just guitarists.

Stephen J Reid
Guitarist & Musician



This course teaches us how to learn, how to retain, and how to recall information quickly. This entire program is built around "connected learning" with key phrases, picture words ( yes there is such a thing ) and the most dynamic personal motivator I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Ken C Simpson
Business Owner & Guitarist
Queensland, Australia



The course is varied, in-depth and well-structured, making learning and comprehension fast, thorough and enjoyable. It’s a great way of learning, as you can pace yourself and move onto the next stage when you feel competent. I find this course both innovative and inspirational. I find myself leaving Mike’s lessons with the determination to reach my new goals.

Karl J Ricker
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Sunshine Coast, Australia