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    Learn and Master Guitar: Top 5 Easy                                  Camp Songs

  Camp songs sound best on acoustic guitar which brings us to our
  first problem ... how do you create an interesting version of
  your favorite song that can be played entirely on acoustic

  Even the best guitar players spend about 85% of their time
  playing rhythm guitar accompanying singers and other musicians at
  parties, jam sessions ,gospel songs at family get together's

  Which brings me to problem number two ...learning guitar chords
  can be boring, and physically demanding, often the player is
  confronted with difficult chord shapes that don't sound anything
  like the recorded version. The end result is sore fingers and
  lack of motivation.

  Here's 5 easy songs to learn and keep in your repertoire, you
  will be glad you these!

  Song 1. Horse With No Name - this is an excellent song to learn
  first, the entire song can be played using only two chords.

  Horse With No Name

  Em      D69/F#
  ////  | ////

  D69/F# means a "D" six, nine chord with an F sharp bass note.

  The D69/F# chord sounds as if it would be difficult to play,
  however it only requires the same two fingers that you use when
  playing the Em chord.

  D69/F# is played with your first finger on the sixth string,
  second fret and your second finger on the third string second
  fret. The important thing is to block (mute) the fifth string
  with the side of your first finger, most players find this easy
  to do with a little practice.

  Strum all six strings, remember only five will sound because of
  the muted fifth string.

  The significant thing about this song is that because there is
  only minimum movement required with your chord shapes you can
  concentrate on tapping your foot and developing your groove. It's
  also a great song to play first at a practice session so your
  fingers can warm up.

  Song 2. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - an easy three chord song that
  sounds great when played with a reggae beat.

  Knockin' On Heaven's Door (basic version)

  G   D   Am7
  // // | ////

  Knockin' On Heaven's Door (professional version)

  G  D/F#  Am7
  // // | ////

  The only difference with these two versions is the D/F# chord,
  this chord is played as follows:

  First finger on the sixth string, second fret, mute the fifth
  string (as we did with the D69/F# chord), second finger on the
  third string, second fret and the third finger on the second
  string, third fret.

  Song 3. Last Kiss - a four chord song based on a very popular
  chord progression.

  G      Em    C     D
  //// |//// | //// |////

  The entire song simply repeats this four bar chord progression
  over and over, when you want to finish the song play "G" chord.

  Song 4. Stand By Me - definitely a favorite with the crowd,
  notice how this song uses a variation of the chord progression we
  learnt in "Last Kiss".

  G      G     Em    Em    C      D     G      G
  //// |//// | //// |//// |//// | //// |//// | ////

  Song 5. Hound Dog - a good twelve bar blues chord progression to
  get toes tapping!

  A     A      A     A
  //// |//// | //// |//// |
  D     D      A     A
  //// |//// | //// |//// |
  E7     D     A     A
  //// |//// | //// |//// |

  Certain songs are always popular at social gatherings, the good
  news is, many of these songs are easy to play, in fact playing a
  really difficult song that may be impressive to other guitarists
  often goes way over the heads of the audience. Remember to keep
  things simple!

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