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Learn Guitar: Play Rolling Stones Songs On Guitar

Have you been trying to learn guitar online and ended up more
confused than when to started? There is an avalanche of online
guitar lessons offering information about how to play like your
favorite group.

The dilemma for every guitarist is how to choose the best online
guitar lesson, the lesson that will enable the guitarist to re-
create the guitar sounds they hear on the original recordings.

One of the most popular groups of all time is undoubtedly the
Rolling Stones. Along with the Beatles, Creedence and Led
Zeppelin the Rolling Stones have stood the test of time. Each
year new audiences discover and are enthralled by their music.

Guitarist Keith Richards is a master of creating unique guitar
parts that immediately identify each song. The "art of all art"
is knowing when to stop, Keith knows how to make effective use of
musical space or silence. While most guitarist are busy filling
up every musical hole at every opportunity Keith invites the
listener into his world, consequently the audience never tire of
hearing these songs.

To help you get started playing authentic versions of the Rolling
Stones songs here's 3 tips.

1.Learn to play three note chords in the second, third and forth
strings of the guitar. These three chords are called triads and
are a large part of the Rolling Stones trademark guitar sound.

Listen to the opening chords of "Start Me Up" or " Brown Sugar"
for examples of this style of chord playing.

For "Start Me Up", play a "C" major triad as follows:

Play the note "G" on the fifth fret, forth string, play the note
"C" on the fifth fret third string, play the note "E" on the
fifth fret second string. Since all these notes are on the fifth fret you could easily play all the notes by making a barre chord with your first finger.

Incidentally this particular version of a "C" chord has a technical name. Musicians call this chord the second inversion of a C major triad. It's useful to know the theoretical terminology to communicate with musicians who play other instruments e.g., piano, bass, trumpet etc.

2.Use standard guitar tuning. Despite the fact that Keith
Richards uses a variety of 'open' tunings e.g., open "G" tuning
consisting of: sixth string = D, fifth string = G, forth sting =
D, third string = G, second string = B, first string = D. You can
create the same sounds without re-tuning your guitar.

The big advantage with leaving your guitar in standard tuning is
that you will naturally develop a better 'ear'. This is because
your ear will get to know where a particular sound comes from on
the guitar. If you keep re-tuning your guitar it will confuse
your ear.

3.Play two note power chords on the third and forth strings.
Listen to the opening chords of the original version "Honky Tonk
Women" and you will hear a classic example of the type of sound I
am referring to.

Try playing the third and forth stings open, strum both of these strings and you will be playing the first chords of "Honky Tonk Women", this chord is called "G".

Remember, just because it's simple doesn't mean that it's not right. Simple works!

The trick is to pay attention to how Keith Richard "spaces" the chords, in other words listen to his rhythm.

With so many online guitar lessons it's important to get off to the right start, it is so much harder to re-learn something once it's ingrained in your brain.

If you want to learning Rolling Stones songs check out online guitar lessons that present their songs in standard tuning, you will be glad you did!

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