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Learn Guitar: Van Morrison, 3 Tips For Acoustic Guitar 

  Bright Side Of The Road, Gloria, Moondance, Brown Eyed Girl, Have
  I Told You lately, who doesn't have a favorite Van Morrison song?
  Like Cat Stevens, Don McLean and James Taylor, Van Morrison's
  songs sound great with just one guitar, you don't need a band to
  enjoy these great songs.

  Another neat thing about Van Morrison's material is that there's
  something for everyone in his repertoire: "Moon Dance" for the
  Jazz fans, "Gloria" for those who enjoy rock, and "Have I Told
  You Lately" for lovers.

  With songs like "Brown Eyed Girl" in your guitar repertoire you
  will be the life of the party. Here's 3 tips to help to play
  professional versions of Van Morrison songs.

  Tip 1: Open Chord Voicings - Moondance - minor seventh chords

  The key to playing songs like Moondance is playing open voiced
  minor seventh chords. Every popular song has a musical ID, it
  may be a lead guitar riff, a unique sounding chord progression or
  a particular rhythm, something that immediately enables the
  listener to identify that song.

  When a song is well written it only takes 2 or 3 seconds for the
  listener to know what song is being played, even without the

  With Van Morrison's "Moondance" the first two chords correctly
  played is all we need ... the chords are Am7 to Bm7, now while
  there is nothing new about these chords, it's the way Van
  Morrison arranges the notes in the chord that makes the song
  instantly recognizable.

  What do we mean by open voiced chords? The first step is to know
  what notes are used to build each chord, Am7 = A, C, E, G / Bm7 =
  B, D, F#, A.

  Notice with the chord spelling for each chord how the notes are
  arranged in an alphabetical style sequence: Am7 = A then the next
  note that occurs in the chord is C then E etc, obviously certain
  notes of our standard alphabet have been omitted, but you get the
  idea, study the Bm7 chord to make sure you understand the

  When the notes for each chord are arranged in alphabetical order
  this is called "root position", our next step is to create four
  part open voiced chords.

  Four part open voiced chords are usually played upon the 6th, 4th
  3rd and 2nd strings. The 5th and the 1st strings are muffled by
  the fingers playing the other notes.

  The idea is to avoid note duplication. By using chord-structures
  that have no duplication of chord tones it is much easier to
  alter the basic chords to form further altered chords.

  Example of a "Am7" four part open voiced chord: A=6th string, 5th
  fret, G=4th string, 5th fret, C=3rd string 5th fret, E=2nd
  string, 5th fret. This is the first chord for "Moondance", move
  this shape up two frets and you will have the second chord Bm7.

  Tip 2: intervals - thirds  - Brown Eyed Girl

  Brown Eyed Girl has a simple yet effective lead guitar
  introduction that instantly identifies the song.

  If you played the intro as a single note melody in the key of "G"
  the notes would be as follows: B, C, D, C, B the next phrase
  would be E, F, G, F, E then back to the first phrase B, C, D, C,
  B and finally F#, F# G, A.

  This single note melody is then supported by adding additional
  harmony notes played underneath the melody. The harmony notes are
  placed at an interval distance of a third below the melody.

  To work out the harmony notes simply count backwards from the
  melody e.g. to work out the harmony note for the given "B"
  melody note count back three. B=>A=>G.

  Here is the first five melody notes B, C, D, C, B, the harmony
  notes a third below indicated by [ ].

   B [G], C [A], D [B], C [A], B [G},

  Tip 3: chord progressions - 1-3-4-5 Bright Side Of The Road.

  Learning to recognize chord progressions of by ear is a great way
  to remember songs.

  Each key has a series of chords that are created from that
  particular scale.

  In the key of C the basic chords are C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, B dim.

  C = chord 1, Dm = chord 2, Em = chord 3, F = chord 4, G = chord
  5, Am = chord 6, B dim = chord 7.

  The opening chord progression for Van Morrison's "Bright Side Of
  The Road" is a 1-3-4-5 progression which when played in the key
  of C becomes C-Em-F-G. This is the same chord progression Van
  Morrison uses for the opening chords of "Have I Told You Lately".

  So you can see, by identifying the sound of chord progressions it
  makes the process of learning new material much easier.

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