Guitar Tricks

Although the Express Guitar is designed to take the absolute beginner and teach them how to play well, it also offers outstanding benefits to every player, regardless of level. There are many people out there who had a desire to learn how to play the six string, so they went out and did their best to make their dream a reality.

Guitar Tricks

Many people believe that if they want to learn how to play an instrument they should follow the standard steps. They purchase a student model of the instrument to practice on and promise themselves that they will buy a more expensive one once they get better and start to learn some more advanced guitar tricks.

After finding just the right instrument, new students then go and look for the perfect teacher. This teaching provides them with the core concepts, but they find that they cannot seem to get past cheesy versions of outdated songs. They are in a rut. What these players need is a few new guitar tricks to add to their hat.

This is where our program comes in. As a professional musician and teacher, Mike Hayes knows how to pull students out of their rut and take them to the next level. That is exactly what Express Guitar provides -- cool guitar tricks that are easy to learn and even easier to apply.

By teaching students advanced concepts that will improve creativity, this program offers new and exciting ways to play. Students will learn how to adapt songs and change their tones and rhythms. This will allow them to take the most popular hits and personalize them in creative ways. Find out more about this technique on our website, where you can also learn other free guitar tricks.

Another great technique that this program teaches is how to improvise. Think of some of the greatest guitarists and the amazing solos that they play during song bridges. The skills of soloing are definitely advanced, but with Mike Hayes’s excellent teaching program you can learn how to solo like a pro. This and other free guitar tricks are our gift to our students.

Just by visiting us at you will learn about our dedication to our students. Our website offers a user friendly design that is easy to navigate. We also provide a comprehensive FAQ section. This section enables musicians to find professional answers to some of their most common questions.