How to Play Lead Guitar

Do you remember the last time that you heard a really great musician perform? We can all think of that truly amazing performer who had us up out of our seats dancing along to the music. A great musician plays to the crowd and really gets them going. Our system, Express Guitar, is designed to teach students how to become that musician.

How to Play Lead Guitar

Everyone who has the desire to perform music feels a small tug inside when they see someone perform. Whether the performance is good or not, they feel a desire to get on stage themselves and have that amazing experience of hearing a crowd clap for their success. So many people dream of learning how to play lead guitar and we think that it is time that they did.

It is a lot easier to become a performer than you would think. By learning how to be a professional guitarist from a professional guitarist, you are sure to be a hit. Our program has been designed detail by detail for learning success. Mike Hayes is a professional guitarist with over twenty years of teaching experience. He knows what it takes to learn how to play lead guitar and he wants to offer that knowledge to you.

What many people do not understand is that becoming a professional guitarist can be either very difficult or very easy. It really all depends on how the player learns. With our system, which has been created for easy learning, even the most basic of all beginners will be playing in no time at all.

Most of the great hits that we all love are built on just three simple chords. As part of our system we teach students these chords and then we build on their knowledge to mold them into great performers. Taking these chords and applying advanced techniques like color tones and chord textures really makes a musician stand out, especially when these techniques are used with lead guitar tab.

Through our easy to follow learning system students will learn chord combinations, keys, and tempos that will help them to style and adapt songs to suit their own image and the audience they are playing for. This system also teaches students how to command the audience by playing naturally and with confidence through our lead guitar lesson series.

By visiting us at you will see that we have worked very hard to design a system that will suit the needs of every student. Please take the time to look at all of the exciting information and learning strategies that we are able to offer. With our iron-clad, money back guarantee and great bonuses, there has never been a better time to start!