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        Five Things To Avoid With Online
                     Guitar Lessons


  Online guitar lessons, do they really work? Here's five things to
  avoid with online lessons before you sign up and hand over your
  hard earned cash.

  A typical Google search for keyword phrases such as "learn
  guitar", "learn guitar free tip" or "play the guitar" can produce
  anything from 655,000 to 3,160,000 plus results. It's very easy
  from the budding guitarist to become totally overwhelmed and
  frustrated by the sheer number of options.

  No matter how you look at it, guitars don't play by themselves,
  you need to practice them. It's quite possible for the newbie
  guitarist to waste countless hours surfing the internet looking
  for the course that's right fit for them, these same wasted hours
  if put to good use actually practicing the guitar would produce
  amazing results.

  Let's take a look at the five things to avoid with online lessons
  these are the basic's, make sure you can answer tip number one
  before moving on to tip number two.

  The five things to avoid are like filters that will help you get
  the most out of your practice time, you are better off spending
  five minutes thinking about this stuff than wasting five hours of
  haphazard practice. It's that important!

 1. Define your level of ability - are you :

 (a) an entrance level player, with no prior playing experience?

 (b) an advancing guitarist, with a good working knowledge of open
 chords, can play basic strumming patterns and can read guitar
 TAB? or

 (c) a professional player, with a excellent working knowledge of
  open and bar chords, read standard music notation and can locate
  and name all notes on the guitar fingerboard?

 How does this first criteria help us? Once you can define your
 current level of ability, you streamline your search and
 eliminate websites and guitar courses that do not fit your needs.

 2.Avoid information overload - today's guitarist faces an
 entirely different set of problems than their earlier
 counterparts Here is one example to stimulate your neurons.

 Technology has created amazing advancements in music storage and
 retrieval systems, it's possible to have 80 minutes on a single
 CD, any number of music tracks can be stored on your iPod, mobile
 phone or Laptop's USB drive.

 The problem? Information overload, there's just too much
 information bombarding the listener's ear!

 Previous generations of guitarist's learnt primarily via two
 methods (a) directly from fellow musicians at "jam sessions",
 (b) by learning solos from vinyl recordings, the most popular
 format was the 10 inch single recording which would have
 a total playing time of 3 minutes.

 Don't get me wrong I'm very thankful for the technology, however,
 the would-be musician must be aware of the effect of "information
 overload", and it's long term effect on their ability to remember
 that they have learnt.

 Do you see the significant difference? Guitarist's of the 50',
 60's and 70's had a total of 3 minutes of music to absorb
 compared with 80 minutes on a standard CD.

 In music, everything revolves around your memory, and the number
 one problem facing guitarists today is their ability to recall

 There is absolutely no shortage of information available to the
 guitarist today, there is however a distinct lack of specialized
 knowledge of how to assemble and present the information so the
 student grows gradually into music with a system of learning that
 works with their nervous system not against it, and most
 importantly the music program should be fun.

3. Research Source of information - is it your style of music?

Research your online guitar lessons thoroughly, there's tons of
online guitar lessons designed by classically trained guitarists
trying to teach modern music.

Listen to musical samples of the instructor,does the player play
with conviction or does it sound sloppy? Remember, you can't
learn flying from a guy who has never been off the ground!

Does the player, make reference to the type of music you want to
play? If you want to play some Cat Stevens, John Denver and
Creedence songs signing up for a heavy metal course isn't likely
to help you.

I know this is obvious, but it happens all the time!

Okay, that's three things to avoid with online guitar lessons,
what else should we look for or be aware of?

4. Is it your style of learning?

 Essentially we only learn what we want, when we want, research
 the style of lessons offered at each site as you surf the net.
 Do they offer video, audio, text formats?

 If you learn best from video, struggling through a thick, boring
 book is not going to work.

 Select the format that serves you best!

 5. Does it suit your personality? - Does it look like fun? Yes
 fun, remember, you are not signing up for a NASA project, you
 want to use a online guitar lessons that suites you personality
 and schedule.

 Yes, you need to be committed to practicing the guitar, but it
 should always be fun, something you want to do, in fact something
 you can't wait to do.

 So there you have it, the five things to avoid with online
 lessons, get them right and the rest is a piece of cake!


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