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               Benedetto Jazz Guitars

   Benedetto jazz guitars are internationally renowned for their
   exquisite design and craftsmanship. Benedetto is considered the
   world's foremost maker of arch top guitars. Bob Benedetto will
   also custom-craft one-of-a-kind instruments on request starting
   at about $45,000 and going up depending on what people want in
   the guitar. Benedetto's jazz guitars range in price from $5000 to
   over $100,000.

  They are prized by jazz guitar players such as John (Bucky)
  Pizzarelli, who donated one of the seven-string guitars custom-
  made for him by Benedetto to the Smithsonian Institution.

  Since the original creation of the Benedetto Guitar introduced in
  1968, many people have enjoyed the harmonic sounds that have
  flowed from it. Noted jazz guitarist's who play Benedetto jazz
  guitars are: Howard Alden, Jack Wilkins, Frank Vignola, Kenny
  Burrell, Johnny Smith, Ron Eschete, Cal Collins and Joe Diorio.

  Bob Benedetto has worked hard with the jazz world’s greatest
  musicians to refine laminated, smaller-bodied Benedettos that
  feel and sound like the great carved Benedetto guitars but are
  better suited to the demands of the road and nightclub.

  Widely considered the contemporary master of the archtop jazz
  guitar. Benedetto jazz guitars are available in:

 (a) special one-of-a-kind custom order guitars

 (b) the Flagship series

 (c) the Professional series

  The Flagship series models include - La Venezia / Manhatan /
  Fratello / Bambino Elite and Bravo Elite.

  The Benedetto jazz guitar Professional series include - Bravo /
  Bravo Deluxe and Bambino.

  The Benedetto jazz guitar is by far one of the most distinguished
  archtop guitars.  The Bravo’s parallel spruce bracing, rather
  than the X-bracing of most of today’s finest acoustic archtops,
  further enhances the rigidity, punch, and (electrified) nature of
  the design, although it’s nice to see the laminated spruce here
  rather than the traditional maple a detail that Benedetto says
  maintains a visual link with his carved-top guitars.

  The Benedetto Bravo Features:16" body with three-ply binding,
  laminated maple back and sides, laminated spruce top, parallel
  spruce bracing, adjustable ebony bridge, three-piece bound flame-
  maple neck, ebony fret board, body-mounted volume and tone
  controls with ebony knobs, Benedetto A-6 humbucking pickup,
  bleached bone nut, Schaller tuners with ebony buttons, gold-
  plated hardware, nitrocellulose gloss finish.

 The Bravo is every bit a Benedetto, and has many high-end
 features you typically find on more expensive instruments,
 including a gorgeous laminated flame-maple back and matching
 sides, a select clear arched laminated spruce top, three-piece
 flame maple neck with a dark ebony fretboard and adjustable ebony

 At first glance the Benedetto Bravo may appear to be  a little
 steeply priced for a laminated-wood instrument doesn’t have the
 sylvan, multi-dimensional timbre or tonal succulence of
 Benedetto’s  Manhattan, Fratello, or La Venezia models, but it
 gets you a portion of the Benedetto pedigree, and that’s still a
 pretty amazing deal.

 "In my earlier years, I was able to make instruments that were
 more affordable to guitarists," says Benedetto.  All of which
 implies that the Bravo is an "affordable" guitar, and although
 such a claim seems contradictory for a model that retails for
 $5,000, Benedetto’s carved-top La Venezia goes for $26,000, so
 you can see the relativity at play here.

 In summary the Benedetto Bravo is a flawlessly crafted archtop
 with a very live and responsive top, effortless playability, and
 an unmistakable high-end vibe without the top-end price tag.

 Bob Benedetto has been built some of the finest musical
 instruments to appear in the last 30 years.  Each guitar is built
 by hand using top-shelf materials, and each is inspected by
 Benedetto before being shipped. Bob still works one week per
 month at the Benedetto factory with as much care and enthusiasm
 as he did way back in the 1960's.

 If you ever have a chance to hear of play any of the Benedetto
 jazz guitars live, you're in for a treat, they don't make them
 any better than this.


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