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           Camp Song Guitar Chords


   Perhaps the most important aspect of knowing chord relationships
   is being able to recognize a progression by hearing it. Camp song guitar      chords are the ideal place to start.

   Guitar players often spend hours learning new chords without
   developing the ability to listen to the sound of each chord.
   Whether you're composing, arranging. or learning, you'll benefit
   by having a solid grasp of theory to help your ear.

   The best way to start developing educated ears is with two chord
   camp song guitar chords. By limiting your initial repertoire to songs            that only contain two chords we have greatly increased
   our chance of success.

   Playing songs "by ear" is really a process of improving our
   ability to recall sound. Our ear simply sits on the side of our
   head and picks up signals, it is our memory that records the
   sound. How well we can play "by ear" is a matter of training, in
   fact, anyone can learn to do it!

   Here is a list of the 2 main chords in each key:

   Tonic (key)     Dominant

   Chord 1         Chord 5

    C                G7

    F                C7

   Bb               F7

   Eb               Bb7

   Ab               Eb7

   Db               Ab7

   Gb               Db7

   B                F#7

   E                B7

   A                E7

   D                A7

   G                D7

   You don't have to learn all of these chords, most camp songs
   use the chords in the keys of C, G, D, A and E.

   Camp song guitar chords in the keys of G,D,A and E are the
   most guitar friendly keys.

   Here are some tunes you can play and sing using the two basic

   Try your choices in all the popular guitar keys: G,D A and E.
   Experiment to find the best key for your voice. If you find a key
   that is a little to low you can always use a capo to raise the
   pitch while still retaining the chord shapes you prefer.

   Many familiar songs use just these two chords. Here is a list of
   some of them. Though you could get the chords out of a book, it's
   good training to guess them for yourself. This type of guesswork
   is part of life for any musician in "real life" situations, so
   now is a good time to start training your ear to become a good

   Two-Chord Tune list:

   Ida Red




   Tom Dooley

   Buffalo Gals

   Casey Jones

   Rye Whiskey

   Barbara Allen

   Skip To My Lou

   Little Liza Jane

   Deep In THe Heart Of Texas

   Be Honest With Me Dear

   Take Me Back To Tulsa

   My Darlin' Clementine

   Convict And The Rose

   Pistol Packin' Mama

   Go Tell Aunt Rhody

   Singin' In The Rain

   Down In The Valley

   Two Doors Down

   Rancho Grande

   Tulsa Time

   Achy Breaky Heart

   Handsome Molly

   Shady Grove

   John Henry

   Little Birdie

   Hot Corn Cold Corn

   Katy Daley

   Fire Ball Mail

   Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden

   I’m Going Back To Old Kentucky

   Jimmie Brown the Newsboy

   I’ll Go Steppin’ Too

   You Are My Flower

   Stay All Night

   Someone Took My Place With You

   Wild Bill Jones

   My Home’s Across The Blue Ridge Mountains

   Working On A Building

   Somehow Tonight

   Pretty Polly

   On My Mind

   The Old Crossroads

   Mansions for Me

   Where the Soul Never Dies

   What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul

   Old Gospel Ship

   Kentucky Girl

   I’m Gonna Love You Like There’s No Tomorrow

   It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More

   Reuben’s Train /Train 45

   Bringing In The Georgia Mail

   Darling Corey

   I Love You a Thousand Ways

   Waltz Across Texas

   Puttin’ On The Style

   Boll Weevil

   Shortnin’ Bread

   Will You Be Lonesome Too

   Walking in my Sleep

   Little Children's Tunes using two chords:

   London Bridge

   Three blind Mice

   Farmer In The Dell

   Polly Wolly Doodle

   He's Got The Whole world In His Hands

   Merrily We Roll Along

   Froggie Went A'Courtin'

   Row Row Row Your Boat

   Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me

   Many guitarist's don't understand the importance of learning two
   chord camp song guitar chords, although it should be obvious
   if you can't play two chord songs "by ear", there's little chance
   of playing three chord songs.

   Now, you are probably thinking, "how do I know which chord to
   start on and when do I change chords?"

   It's helpful to know that almost all songs start and end with the
   I chord, and that the next-to-last chord is almost always V. See
   if your ear can tell you when to change chords and which chord to
   change to. Since at any point there are just two chords to
   choose from, a little trial and error might show you the way.

   When you think you've got it, memorize it and when you get a
   chance, check your chords with a book or a knowledgeable
   musician. Remember, this type of guesswork is part of what being
   a musician is all about.

   Two chord camp song guitar chords are the very best way to
   learn to play by ear, see if you can hear as many of the songs on
   our list, get some recordings and start developing your ear,
   regardless of what style of music you play there's a lot to be
   learnt from these simple two chord songs.



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