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         How To Learn The Guitar Fast


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  The first thing to know about how to learn the guitar fast is
  that if you are clear on a number of basic concepts the whole
  process of playing the guitar will fall into place effortlessly
  and you will have a lot of fun right from the very start.

  Concept #1: Regardless of whether you have just purchased a new
  or pre-played instrument make certain your guitar's action is set
  up properly for you, a good guitar shop can do this for you, but
  you have to ask them to set the action for you, it is very rare
  that a guitar is in top playable condition when you purchase the

  The 'action' is the distance between the underside of the guitar
  string the guitar fingerboard. If the action is too high it will
  make playing difficult, resulting in sore fingers, and excessive
  tension in the player's hands.

  Concept #2: The is no music in the guitar, as you learn special
  skills you will project yourself through the instrument. The
  guitar is simply a tool for musical expression. Many players
  spend large amounts of money on equipment in the hope that their
  new purchase will improve their musicianship.

  Understand this: no amount of equipment can ever replace lack of
  developed talent.

  Concept #3: The most important skill to develop is to develop
  your groove. People respond to music in this order 1.rhythm,
  2.melody, 3. harmony. Notice rhythm is the first aspect of music
  that people respond to.

  A definition of music in it's most basic form could be :"pitch in

  Traditionally, guitar method books concentrate on learning
  chords, very little is done to develop the player's rhythmic
  ability. This is one of the major reasons people do not learn the
  guitar fast, their focus is on learning more chords without
  improving their rhythm.

  Concept #4: Chord shapes must be easy to play. This is very
  important, if the chord shapes are too difficult for the new
  guitarist they will not be able to develop their rhythm because
  they will usually stop tapping their foot while they put all
  their energy into forming the difficult chord shape.

  Chord shapes should consist of one or two fingers for the

  Concept #5: Avoid fancy strumming patterns, concentrate on
  strumming once on the first beat of the bar and focus on tapping
  your foot. By strumming the chord only once the guitarist will
  quickly develop a clear memory of the sound of the chord, this is
  essential for playing songs by ear.

  Concept #6: Learn simple two chord songs first. If you want to
  know how to learn the guitar fast start with two chord songs and
  then as your ear develops progress to three chord songs. Study
  the chord progressions of each song you play and notice the
  similarities in the chord progressions, many songs use the same
  chord progressions, this will help you develop a high speed
  memorization system for learning songs fast.

  These are the six basic concepts for learning the guitar fast,
  too many times the guitarist is blind sided by difficult generic
  chord shapes and complex music theory, if you want to know how to
  learn the guitar fast follow these steps and you will be off to a
  great start.


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Rave Reviews for Express Guitar:


As a student of Mike Hayes since 1999, I have found his teaching methods and products to be first class. Whatever style or area of music I have been interested in, he has provided me with useful information, advice and study materials. His style of teaching and teaching products enabled me to progress through his guitar course far quicker than I ever imagined. He also helps in teaching yourself to find and develop your own style of music. Mike’s teaching gives his student’s the ability to become useful musicians, not just guitarists.

Stephen J Reid
Guitarist & Musician



This course teaches us how to learn, how to retain, and how to recall information quickly. This entire program is built around "connected learning" with key phrases, picture words ( yes there is such a thing ) and the most dynamic personal motivator I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Ken C Simpson
Business Owner & Guitarist
Queensland, Australia



The course is varied, in-depth and well-structured, making learning and comprehension fast, thorough and enjoyable. It’s a great way of learning, as you can pace yourself and move onto the next stage when you feel competent. I find this course both innovative and inspirational. I find myself leaving Mike’s lessons with the determination to reach my new goals.

Karl J Ricker
Sales Manager
Sunshine Coast, Australia