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                Jazz Guitar Chords Online              

  Learning jazz chords online can be confusing and frustrating to
  say the least. Just when the budding jazz guitarist thinks
  they've stumbled onto something along comes another version of
  the same song with a completely different set of chords.

  For our present discussion, we'll limit our observations and
  suggestions to learning jazz chords online, however the choice of
  chords the guitarist selects has a significant effect on the
  soloists' choice of notes in their solos and presentation of the

  There's an endless list of possible, chords, chord inversions,
  chord substitutions etc. that can totally blind side the newbie
  jazz guitar player. In fact, the task is often so overwhelming
  that the avalanche of information swamps the guitarist with an
  enormous amount of stuff that they do not have to learn.

  So, before trotting off to another jazz website in search of the
  lost chord, here's a few things to think about to pin your ears
  on straight!

  Focus your jazz studies on specific objectives: A great idea is
  to learn the chord changes to "jazz standards".

  Jazz standards are tunes that working musicians are likely to
  encounter at any time. Too often, guitarists with a rock or
  country background wishing to move into jazz don't know the tunes
  that are the common currency of players in all styles of jazz.

  Here's a sample list of 20 jazz standards:

  1. Autumn Leaves

  2. All of Me

  3. All The Things You Are

  4. Ain't Misbehavin'

  5. C Jam Blues

  6. I Got Rhythm

  7. Have You Met Miss Jones

  8. Out Of Nowhere

  9. I Cover The Waterfront

10. Satin Doll

11. Misty

12. Summertime

13. St. Louis Blues

14. Watch What Happens

15. Lullaby Of Birdland

16. Sweet Georgia Brown

17. Georgia

18. Take The 'A' Train

19. Stormy Weather

20.There Will Never Be Another You

  There are many books that show how to use chord substitutions,
  but if the basic chord changes are not known, substitutions and
  embellishments often confuse the improviser and the listener.

  When the musician is learning jazz guitar chords online it's
  important to learn the basic set of chords for the jazz

  Embellishments to basic chords such as added 6ths, sharp 11ths,
  13ths, flat 5ths etc. are usually determined by the melody notes
  and the style of music being played.

  Always keep in mind that chord substitutions are influenced by
  the style of jazz being played and the individual preference of
  the musicians.

  The point is, guitar players become absorbed in jazz chord
  manuals that teach chord substitution etc., without firstly
  learning the basic set of chords.

  Once the guitarist learns the skill of being able to uncover the
  basic chord changes to jazz standards, they can them re
  harmonized the harmonic background many different ways to reflect
  the way they wish to present a particular piece of music.

  Here is a typical situation that confronts the jazz musician. Let
  say, the guitarist wants to learn the jazz standard Satin Doll by
  the composer Duke Ellington. There's a good possibility that
  every version of Satin Doll that the musician can find will have a
  different set of chords.

  Sometimes the chords many only vary slightly, other times the
  will be a significant detour from the previous version.

  Let's look at three versions of chord changes that would all work
  for a tune like Satin Doll

  version (a)

  [:  Dm7  G7  |  Dm7   G7   |  Em7   A7   |   Em7   A7   |
  |   D7         |  Db7          |  C7    B7     |   Bb7   A7  :]
  |   C          |  C            ||  Gm7          |   C7           |

  |   F  Fmaj7 |  F6   Fmaj7 |  Am7          |   D7           |

  |   G7         |  A7          ||  Dm7   G7    |   Dm7   G7  |

  |   Em7  A7  |  Em7   A7   |  D7            |   Db7         |

  |   C    B7   |   Bb7   A7   |

  version (b)

  [:  Dm7  G7  |  Dm7   G7   |  Em7   A7   |   Em7   A7    |
  |   Am7  D7  |  Abm7  Db7 |  C             |   Em7b5 A7+ :]
  |   C           |  C            ||  Gm7         |   C7             |

  |   F           |  F              |  Am7         |   D7             |

  |   G7         |  G7+         ||  Dm7   G7   |   Dm7   G7    |

  |   Em7  A7 |  Em7   A7   |  Am7   D7    |   Abm7  Db    |

  |   C          |  Em7b5 A7+ |

  version (c)

  [:  Dm7  G7  |  Dm7   G7     |  Em7   A7     |   Em7   A7   |
  |  EbMaj7D7  |  Abm7  Db7  |  Cmaj7 Dm7  |   Em7   A7  :]
  |   C    F      |  C             ||  Gm7            |   C7           |

  |   F    Gm7 |  Am7    Gm7  |  Am7            |   D7           |

  |   Dm7  G7  |  Em7b5  A7 ||  Dm7    G7     |   Dm7   G7  |

  |   Em7  A7  |  Em7   A7     | EbMaj7 D7     |   Abm7  Db   |

  |   C    B7    |  Em7b5 A7+ |

  Which one is right?

  Well, they will all work but, it's simply someone else's chord
  substitutions for that basic changes, and unless we know how to
  strip back the embellishments we will never know how to create
  original arrangements that enhance your specific musical setting
  and instrumentation.

  I repeat, the essential skill to learn is to be able to "see"
  (de-code), and "hear" the basic set of chords.

  The purpose of learning the basic set of chords when you are
  learning jazz chords online is to help the jazz player learn the
  basic "changes" and allow the player to add embellishments and
  substitutions on a solid framework.


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