Beginner Guitar Lesson

There are very few people in this world who are not moved when their favorite song is played on the radio. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have been to a live concert understand that nothing beats hearing that beloved tune played right before our eyes. Imagine how wonderful you would feel if the person playing that song was you. With our amazing system, Express Guitar can teach you how.

Beginner Guitar Lesson

Everyone loves listening to music, but few people actually think they are able to play music themselves. Even if a student comes to us with no prior music experience, we can teach them how to play like a pro. One of the greatest things about the Mike Hayes way of teaching is that we teach you how to play by ear right from the beginner guitar lesson.

Playing by ear is a fabulous technique that is too often overlooked in traditional lessons. After learning the basic techniques that you will need, we teach students how to pick up their instrument and belt out any song that they hear. This means that every time one of our students listens to music or even has it on in the background, they are actually practicing. This is a skill that helps our students get the most from their beginner guitar lesson.

We understand that playing by ear is an important skill. Too often this technique is reserved only for professionals who require the ability when playing in jam sessions or recording studios. We believe that even the beginner needs to learn how to play by ear. Best yet, this technique is taught through one of our bonuses, meaning that it is a free beginner guitar lesson.

Our system trains students how to improve their musical memory so that every chord and song they learn can be filed away for easy recall at a later time. This allows students to apply chord progressions they already know to songs they hear. This is something that students simply cannot get from any other free beginner guitar lesson online.

Now is the perfect time to visit our site at Not only do we offer the most comprehensive and easiest to follow learning system, we also provide a comprehensive website filled with ideas and tips to improve your playing.