Beginning First Guitar Lesson

There is nothing better than receiving an exceptional product at a truly great price. Unless of course you receive the exceptional product and a whole bunch of exceptional freebies. We are so dedicated to our students and their learning processes that we are offering not one, but six free educational tools designed to accelerate your learning. Here is a brief description of some of the products that Express Guitar offers.

Beginning First Guitar Lesson

The first bonus that you will receive is our Quick Start Guide. This book includes printed text and audio examples designed to accentuate your learning experience. By combining the information found in this bonus with our professional learning system, you will streamline your learning, saving time and frustration when beginning a first guitar lesson.

The second bonus that we offer is called The Art of Practicing. This book provides our Ultimate Practice Strategy. Our system has been designed to ensure that students look forward to practicing and do not consider it a chore. We understand that how you practice is how you play, and we want both to be as excellent as possible right from the beginning first guitar lesson.

Another piece of bonus material that we offer is a book that explains how to design your own chord shapes. The traditional methods of playing chords with the traditional fingerings simply does not work for every player. Each student has unique hands and different levels of flexibility. We teach you how to adapt the chords to suit you so that your playing is always comfortable and natural. You simply will not find this in other beginner acoustic guitar lessons.

A fourth bonus item that you will receive is our book titled “Red Hot Rhythms.” This book is your essential guide to advanced strumming patterns. This instruction manual teaches students how to play power chords, palm mutings, walking chords, and shuffle rhythms. These tips and techniques will break you out of your strumming rut and bring your playing to the next level. This means that our system can be enjoyed by those who are beyond beginner acoustic guitar lessons as well.

When a music program has been designed by a professional, the students know they can count on quality. Our music system is able to make a novice into a performer quickly and painlessly. By visiting us at our site,, you can learn more about the features that set us apart from the competition. While on our site be sure to read about our amazing bonus offer that can be yours just for signing up.