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Several people want to learn how to play a musical instrument, but they do not know where to start. Others simply do not believe they will be able to learn how to play, or they think they are already too old to start. We understand that people in this world are very busy, and that when they take on a hobby they need to see instant and quick results. That is why our system has been designed with the learner and their unique needs in mind.

Download Free Guitar Lesson

There are far too many excuses to put off chasing your dream and learning how to play an instrument. People worry that they will not be able to read music, that their hands will not bend the right ways to play, or that they will start and then not follow through. Well we have designed a system that eliminates all these excuses, leaving no other reasons to delay following your dream. If you are looking to download free guitar lesson files, then we are the place to look.

Express Guitar teaches students what many of the pros know -- that the traditional style of reading music is not necessarily the best way. Professional players like Mike Hayes understand that sight reading and music retention are better facilitated with this style of learning. That is why our students learn how to play without having to learn how to read music, something that you would not expect when looking to download free guitar lesson files.

Our system teaches students how to adapt chords to suit their own hands rather than the other way around. This means that through our system people develop a more natural and easy style of playing that improves both their tone and their performance style. This information is available through one of our bonuses, making it a great deal for those who would like to download free guitar lessons online.

Finally, our system provides dynamic and engaging lessons that are sure to keep the student interested. We start teaching popular and much loved songs right from day one. This means that our students never grow bored, or face a long road before seeing results. We know that instant gratification is a must have and we have worked hard to provide it. One way that we meet this desire is to offer the ability to download free guitar lessons online through our bonus features.

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