Guitar Lesson

There really is no better time at a party than when someone pulls out a musical instrument and starts strumming out all the hits. Everyone loves to sing along with the classic songs they have grown to love. Whether they are good singers or not, party goers always enjoy spending time singing along with friends.

Guitar Lesson

Unlike other more bulky instruments like pianos, a guitar can go anywhere the player wants to take it. The versatility of this fabulous musical instrument means that it can go just about everywhere. As soon as you complete your first guitar lesson, you will be bringing the instrument everywhere you travel as well.

Playing an instrument amidst a group of people at a party takes different skills than performing on stage. The performer has to be able to think on their feet and must have the ability to recall songs quickly. Unlikely a stage performer, someone playing at a party does not have a set list of songs. Instead, they play as people call out the tunes. This is not a skill that students learn in the average guitar lesson.

With our amazing system, Express Guitar can teach anyone the skills and abilities they need to be able to successfully play at a party. Through our program, students will learn how to pick up songs quickly. This means that even if the player does not already know the tune they can learn it in a matter of minutes. Better yet, because this skill is taught in its own book which is offered as a bonus, it is like receiving a free guitar lesson.

Our system also provides players with the ability to skillfully change and alter the pitch of a song to better suit the voice of the singer. This is an amazing and impressive skill, but we teach how simple it can truly be. Every concept that we present to students is done in a dynamic and thoughtful way, making for a truly easy guitar lesson.

By visiting our site at you will learn about our amazing system and everything our program offers. We are sure that you will find the site informative and simple to navigate. Be sure to check out the frequently asked questions section, which offers in-depth answers to some of players’ most pressing queries.