Online Guitar Lesson

We know that when you provide a great product, it will sell itself. But we are taking it one step further, as we have a series of great products and Express Guitar is giving them away. When a student purchases our Mike Hayes system they will receive six bonus books to accentuate their learning experience.

Online Guitar Lesson

One of our bonuses is The Finger Gymnasium. This book teaches students how to develop amazing speed on their guitar. Through a series of simple, but effective finger exercises we will teach you how to develop your hand strength. This is sure to improve your skill and agility -- all through a series of online guitar lesson programs.

Next, you will receive our Blueprint for Successful Learning. This product provides instructions on simplified learning skills. You will be able to employ these skills immediately to accelerate your learning. As an audio file, students can listen to this program and reap the benefits while performing other activities. This is just one of the many ways that our program sets itself above other online guitar lesson systems.

Finally, we also provide students with a book called “Sight Reading Magic.” This is an invaluable tool that teaches students how to play a song without having ever seen it before. Sight reading is a skill that is usually reserved for the pros, but with our simple learning strategies anyone can learn how. There really is no better time to try us out and receive this free online acoustic guitar lessons series.

These exceptional bonuses are our gift to our students. We are dedicated to your learning and want you to get the most out of your experience with our program. By combining these bonuses with Express Guitar, you will truly get the most out of your learning experience. Through our online acoustic guitar lessons we have turned many amateurs to pros and we would like you to be next.

By visiting us at you will be able to learn about our amazing program and the skills that it can teach you. Our informative and easy to navigate site also offers a frequently asked questions section that can answer a player’s most pressing queries.