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"Hayes has a coy and coquettish voice, lazy and sensual as Quaaludes and honey ... this singer has great things to say and the chops to say them" -


"There is impressive range in her singing; not only can she vividly reflect the feelings of the lyrics but she does so with a painter’s eye for imagery. You can visualize the scenes in the songs; her vocals act like a camera in your imagination, unreeling black-and-white scenes photographed from the heart"


"A debut album can be a hit or miss affair, an artist can either choke from the pressure or smack a home run. In the case of Australian vocalist Pippa Hayes, the result is a grand slam."


"It Had To Be You is a spine-tingling collection of jazz standards sung with real soul and deep-seated passion."


Welcome to my newly rebuilt website which I hope you enjoy checking out.

It's been designed to help celebrate the release of my CD, It Had To Be You (Seyah Records).

It Had To Be You is an album of standard tunes, bossa nova and ballads arranged by George Golla featuring internationally acclaimed musicians including: Bob Barnard (t), Ron Nairn (s), Trevor Rippingale (c), Craig Scott (b), Alan Turnbull (d), John Harkins (p), Jess Ciampa (per) and many others – all playing with the same looseness and energy as a live gig.